Thank you for checking out my portfolio! Now that you are here, allow me to tell you a bit more about me. Out of my love for books and magazines and anything print related I decided I wanted to be a designer from a very young age. I thought it was the coolest job ever, and I still think is the coolest job ever. Click here´╗┐ for my resume:)

After high school a left the warm lands of Colombia for the very cool territories of Canada to study Communications design at Emily Carr University. Little did I know that the world of design was much more than creating books and magazines. I learned that with good design we are able to not only make awesome visuals but also improve everything around us, from a simple product to a very complex system and any kind of service.

During my studies, I worked as Creative Director for Woo Publication and I also had the chance to be a Research Assistant to the Health Design Lab where I learned about applying human-centred research methodologies to problems in healthcare. Because of that experience, I knew that the world of healthcare really needed the powers of design so I joined  Tickit Health for a couple of years. 

Now I am eager to apply design thinking to other industries and projects and to learn and work alongside other individuals that also love and respect design.

I'm always interested to hear of new projects and collaborations, so feel free to get in touch.